Grow Tents

Whether for veg or flowers, a grow tent has numerous benefits and is a favourite grow environment amongst professional and amateur gardeners alike. The reason for this is simple – they mean that you won’t have to kit out an entire room with reflective material and ceiling fixtures. A grow tent will prevent any light from leaking, keeping your electricity bills as low as possible. They’re also easy to erect, dismantle, transport and be moved from one location to another without much fuss.




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Grow Tents UK

It doesn’t matter if you only have a single plant or a large crop, the grow tents that we sell are very practical and from a commercial standpoint they’re exceptionally good value for money. The grow tents that we stock from BudBox, Green Qube and Mammoth are lightweight, high quality, lightproof and flame retardant, featuring reflective inner surfaces to make the most of the light. Support and zips ensure stability as well as preventing light leaks. All the brands of grow tent feature strong frames, drip trays and include all the facilities a grower needs like hanging bars and socks (for lights, ducting and cables) that you could need in order to make the installation of your hydroponics setup quick, simple and tidy.