Silver Bullet Roots

Silver Bullet Roots


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Get to the root of your problems!

Silver Bullet Roots

Root diseases can wreak havoc with your plants in a disturbingly short space of time. By the time the signs of sickness are visible above ground level, there will aready be considerable damage below ground level. You can read more about pythium and root disease in our blog Here. Hydroponics setups where a shared reservoir are particularly at risk because diseases can take hold and spread to every plant's roots like wildfire. Normal peroxide can treat root diseases very effectively but it only stays active in a system for a very short space of time. The silver in Silver Bullet changes all that creating a disinfectant that lasts for around 5 weeks! Although Silver Bullet roots will treat an on-going outbreak of root disease, it is best used as a preventative. This will ensure root diseases never get a hold on your plants' roots in the first place. Silver Bullet roots kills all types of microbes and destroys the biofilm where they lurk and breed.

You can read more about Silver Bullet and how it works in our blog post Here.

  • Kills 99.99% fungi, spores, bacteria, viruses, protozoa and algae
  • Breaks down and removes Bioflim
  • Non-toxic and non-corrosive, so won’t damage your plants
  • Promotes oxygen around the roots, to help keep them healthy
  • Cost effective as only a low dosage required
  • Stays active in your tank for up to 5 weeks
  • pH Neutral
  • Used to disinfect drinking water in certain countries
  • Helps prevent spread of microbes and their spores
  • EPA and FDA approved


Silver Bullet Roots Contains:

Silver Bullet Roots is available in two sizes –

1 x 1L Silver Roots

1 x 5L Silver Roots

How Silver Bullet Roots Works:

Silver Bullet is a peroxide treatment that has been greatly enhanced by cleverly combining it with silver. The chemical bonding of the silver makes the peroxide super effective at killing microbes and far longer lasting once in the tank. Normal peroxide begins to lose its potency as soon as it is added to a reservoir and becomes ineffective very quickly. The silver in Silver Bullet Roots extends the active lifespan of Silver Bullet Roots to around 5 weeks. Silver Bullet Roots kills virtually all types of microbe including fungi, spores, bacteria, protozoa and viruses. It also removes biofilm leaving pathogens nowhere to lurk and multiply.

The silver element of the product is incredibly important, and it is what makes it so unique. The silver ions in Silver Bullet begin by seeking out negative charges of the bacteria/fungal spores surrounding your plants' roots and inside your hydroponics system. Once attached to the bacteria/fungi, they start to catalyse and break down the microbe’s protective barriers. Once the microbe is exposed, the hydrogen peroxide destroys it by oxidisation. Once dead, the microbe loses its negative charge and the silver moves on to its next target. As it moves on, the silver re-stabilises with other hydrogen peroxide molecules. As it works to kill disease it also promotes oxygen around your roots, leading to healthier and stronger growth.

To read more about Silver Bullet and how it works read our blog post Here.

Silver Bullet Roots lasts many times longer than standard peroxide treatments meaning you don't have to keep adding it to your tank to maintain the  killing power. It is also used at a lower dosage rate than other hydrogen peroxide treatments too. This makes Silver Bullet Roots highly cost effective

Using Silver Bullet Roots:

Make sure to use appropriate protective gear, such as eye goggles, face protection and gloves when handling this substance. If product is accidently inhaled, move to fresh air space, and if respiratory problems occur, consult a medical professional immediately. If product makes contact with eyes or skin, rinse out with water carefully and consult a doctor if feeling unwell.

Silver Bullet Roots kills all types of microbe, both friendly and pathogenic. This makes Silver Bullet Roots incompatible with organic/biological gardening as these methods of growing depend on beneficial microbes to break down food for the plant. 

Dosage recommendation:

  • For seedlings/cuttings: Dilute 4ml/10L if there’s been a disease in grow room, and 2ml/10L if not
  • For preventing problems early on: Dilute 4ml/10L
  • For established plants: Dilute 6ml/10L every 1-2 weeks
  • For diseased plants: Dilute 8ml/10L then repeat for 5 days before reverting to 6ml/10L.
  • For flushing system and cleaning system: Dilute 2ml/1L then flush the pipe with clean water