Omega Digital Grow Light Kit

Omega Digital Grow Light Kit

SKU: 9998 £74.95

Incredible value dimmable, digital lighting

The Omega Digital lighting kit features a super-efficient, fully adjustable digital ballast, that can run the supplied 600 watt lamp at 250w, 400w, 600w & Super-Lumen output levels. At just under £90, it's a very cost-effective solution for those with tight budgets and for those wishing to kit out large rooms with large numbers of lights without having to break the bank.

  • Super-efficient digital ballast - for a productive indoor garden
  • 250w, 400w, 600w and Super-Lumen output settings
  • Can also be used with metal halide lamps if required
  • Tried & tested Euro Reflector – gets the job done!
  • Dual-spectrum lamp with high lumen output – great for veg and flower
  • Ideal for use in a 1.0m or (preferably) a 1.2m square tent or grow-area

The Omega Digital Grow Light Kit Contains:

1 x Euro Reflector, 1 x 600w Digital Ballast, 1 x 600w Dual-Spectrum Lamp

How the Omega Digital Kit Works:

The Omega Digital ballast is capable of running at output levels of 250w, 400w, 600w along with a super-lumen mode (plus 10%). The lumen output also compares very favourably with other, more expensive, set-ups - it's more than capable of delivering impressive yields. However, if it's performance you're focused on, we'd recommend trading up to something like an Adjusta-Watt, which will give you that extra few percent. But, as a trade-off between performance and value for money, there's nothing else quite like this. At this price-point, there's nothing even close.

Runs a 600w HPS lamp @ 250w, 400w, 600w
Runs a 400w HPS lamp @ 400w and 250w
Runs a 250w HPS @ 250w

Runs a 600w MH lamp @ 600w
Runs a 400w MH lamp @ 400w
Runs a 250w MH lamp @ 250w

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