Adjust-A-Wings Hellion 750w Grow Light Kit
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Adjust-A-Wings Hellion 750w Grow Light Kit

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Raise Hell with the new Adjust-A-Wings Hellion Lighting Kit!

The 750 Watt Hellion grow light, complete with ballast and lamp, is the latest, hottest kit to come from the geniuses at Adjust-A-Wings. With its slick, lightweight design, it gives you full lighting coverage to all areas of your grow area, without developing any pesky plant burn. This is a full kit that includes everything you will need for a full Adjust-A-Wings fixture, without any extra fuss to get spare parts sorted out.

  • 400v technology that allows you to perfectly optimise your light spread
  • Adjustable wing posiitons and lamp heights
  • Super efficient 750w lamp - provides unsurpassed light output per watt, with a PAR of up to 1500
  • Gets closer to plants without causing burning (only 45cm away!)
  • Great for 2 metre high grow tents
  • Delivers truly incredible yields
  • Comes with a Super Spreader, to diffuse radiant heat
  • Super lightweight, and incredibly easy to set up
  • Dimmable between three different settings: 450w, 600w and 750w
  • Unbeatable quality and performance
  • Ultra cool, modern design

The Adjust-A-Wings Hellion – 750w Lighting Kit Contains:

1 x White Adjust-A-Wings Defender Reflector
1 x Hellion DE Ballast
1 x 750 Watt Hellion DE HPS Lamp
1 x DE Lamp Adaptor
1 x Reflector Connector Rail (w/ screws)
2 X Hanging Brackets
1 x Hellion DE Super-Spreader
1 x UK mains cable

How the Adjust-A-Wings Hellion – 750w Lighting Kit Works:

The Hellion DE Reflector is built in such a way that it bounces the light from the Hellion DE Lamp back to your plants in the most even manner possible. Its smooth curvature, and easy set-up makes it perfect to use if you have a large area to cover. Light is your plant’s energy source, and the reflector has such an even spread of light that you can ensure all plants in all parts of your grow area are given what they need.

It is designed to sit at about 45cm above your plant canopy, depending on your chosen wings and lamp height settings, which means that your plants get the maximum light penetration needed without the unwanted leaf burn. The Hellion is incredibly versatile and has 3 power settings: 450w, 600w and 750w. And, like all Adjust-A-Wings reflectors, it has 5 reflector width settings, and 5 lamp height settings.

It is constructed of super lightweight material, which is equally durable so it allows for you to adjust the wings of the reflector without worrying about warping it out of shape. Its lightweight properties also allow for the reflector to easily move around. Air movement in the grow room will gently sway the reflector, lighting areas that static fixtures cannot.

How to use the Adjust-A-Wings Hellion – 750w Lighting Kit:

The Hellion kit includes assembly instructions, that help you to set up the fixture swiftly and easily. It includes everything that you will need to assemble the entire kit, which stops you from having to buy spare parts. You will also find a detailed instruction manual attached to this product listing, should you need any more information about how to put together the reflector and lamp adaptor.

The kit also includes a Super-Spreader, which helps to evenly disperse the light, without frying your plants directly underneath with the heat that comes off the lamp. Super Spreaders are designed to disperse radiant heat, not to block light. This means there are no hot spots or cold corners - just beautiful, even growth. To use the Super-Spreader you just slot it in easily so that it is parallel with your lamp, as detailed in the instructions, and let it do the rest of the work.

This fixture can also be used in two different ways, so that you can set up the system to suit your specific growing area. It can be used as a fixture style combination unit, or as a remote ballast unit.

Once the reflector and lamp have been assembled, just simply choose between the two set-up styles and either have your ballast plugged directly into a power socket, or lay the ballast flat and add the reflector connector by attaching it with two thumb screws (provided).

Then hang the assembled ballast and reflector connector unit using the attached hanging bracket. Slide the reflector connector rail through the hanging brackets on the reflector until they sit in the retaining slots. Then insert the power cable from the reflector into the ballast, along with the mains power cable, and you’re all done. This set-up is very simple, and only takes a few minutes.


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